From “farm” to table

Last week we enjoyed the first round of kale from the garden! Given the size of our plants, they were certainly ready to be harvested earlier, but we didn’t get around to enjoying them until this week. That’s what you get when you are trying to coordinate two resident physician schedules.

Inspired by a dish from Geoff and Lydia, we decided to try our hand at Beanie-Greenies this week with a recipe from the Food Matters Project, an intriguing project that I have been following. The recipe is easy to pull together, and the beans and spices combine to give the dish a surprisingly savory flavor. We spruced the tacos up with some avocados, cilantro, sour cream, and a local salsa (Farm at Red Hill salsa, available at Integral Yoga in C’ville – it is hands-down the best salsa that I have ever not made myself). Yum!!! Here is the recipe from Jacqui of Good Things Grow, that week’s host for the Food Matters Project.

I attempted to take some pictures during the cooking process to showcase Katie’s mad cooking skills, but my food photography still needs some work. On a side note, this is a really versatile recipe – last night Sam and I made a slightly tweaked version with red beans and rice; kale sauteed with carrots, garlic, and onions; and feta cheese and cilantro on top – also delicious!

We finished the night off with bowls of icecream topped with fresh, local blueberries from the Berry Patch (post on that coming soon).

Hope you guys are enjoying all the local spring produce as much as we are!

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5 comments on “From “farm” to table

  1. What a great way to use all these greens from the garden! For some reason, I never thought of putting anything except lettuce on a burrito.

    By the way, your tortillas look great. Did you make them yourself? With or without a tortilla press?

    • We bought them at Integral Yoga, a small vegan/vegetarian grocery store – expensive but worth every penny! Maybe one of these days I will get around to making my own tortillas but not just yet ;) ….

  2. Looks yummy! Isn’t it great to enjoy the fruits of your labor?! ~ Sallie

  3. Yum! It was so good!

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